67 Day: Transformation Challenge

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This is a full lifestyle overhaul. In this program we teach you SUSTAINABLE fitness and how to completely change your lifestyle. If you are looking for that...

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 This Program is for those looking for a serious fitness and habit change.

67 Day Program is a  fully inclusive fitness program. Made for someone looking to elevate their current fitness or kickstart themselves into serious gear. But dig deeper than a few workouts. 

Its a 67 Day system meant to you to new heights and awareness in and out of the gym.

Why 67 Days?

In a study released in the European Journal of Social Psychology, Phillippa Lally and her team of researchers surveyed 96 people over a 12-week period to find exactly how long it takes to start a new habit.

Over the 12 weeks, the participants chose a new habit and reported each day how automatic the behavior felt. At the end of the period, Lally analyzed the results and found the average time it took for the participants to pick up a new habit was 66 days. 


  • Includes : at home or in gym training program ( whatever your lifestyle)
  • Daily tips and communication via emails
  • Mind-fullness and Journaling exercises 
  • Access to private FB tribe for community support
  • Done for your workouts the entire 67 days 
  • Weekly LIVE EVENTS via FB or IG
  • Nutrition guidelines
  • Shopping lists
  • Supports : vegan, vegetarian, meat eater lifestyles (educates all)

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