Yogurt And Your Health

Yogurt And Your Health

Advantages of Yogurt in your diet

Yogurt has long established itself as a healthy source of nutrition to your body. The yogurt mania started out in Europe and Middle East before it became popular in other parts of the world. Back in the old days, eating yogurt was associated with health conscious freaks but times have definitely changed that perception. Yogurt is part of every family’s eating diet. The dairy stores are stacked up with numerous yogurt products. Men, women, and kids enjoy different flavors of yogurt as our society has come to realize the advantages of eating this food. Including yogurt in your daily diet will create wonders for your body. Your body will feel stronger and healthier with a blast of newfound energy throughout the day.

Yogurt comes in a lot of varieties and flavors; this wide range of yogurt taste is perfect to fit everyone’s taste preference. Just like any other dairy product, yogurt is loaded with a good source of protein. Your body needs around 16% to 20% of protein as per the daily-recommended amounts. 8 ounces of yogurt is enough to give you a lot of the required percentage of protein. Yogurt is also an excellent supplier of calcium. Those who are physically active know the importance of calcium in the body. Yogurt is also low in fat and provides an abundance of minerals and vitamins. If you are trying to lose weight then non-fat yogurt will definitely make your day!

Yogurt flavors with live and active cultures!

Do you know about the “live and active cultures” that are found in yogurt? Well this refers to the living organisms present in the yogurt. The live and active cultures are very effective on the body’s immune system. These living organisms created through fermentation of milk actively reduce cholesterol level and help to combat cancer-causing bacteria. Diarrhea can be controlled effectively by including yogurt in your daily diet. Due to a misconception, many people stay away from yogurt because they are lactose intolerant. However, this is not necessarily true as yogurt can be used by some but not all those who are lactose intolerant.. The live and active cultures in yogurt produce lactase making it easier to digest. Therefore, unlike other dairy products, yogurt might just be the answer for those who are lactose intolerant.

Before you buy yogurt make sure to look for a seal of the National Association of Live and Active Cultures. Frozen yogurt is less likely to have sufficient amount of live and active cultures. With a handful of yogurt products in the super market, you must try to go for a fat free or low fat yogurt. Try to get one that has the minimum amount of additives. Ideally yogurt should not contain more than 3 ounces of fat per 8 ounce of serving. Get on the Internet today and look for some delicious recipes for yogurt treats. Yogurt comes in different flavors like strawberry, chocolate, lemon, black berry etc. So the next time you visit a super market, ensure to pick your favorite flavor of yogurt and eat away, worry free. Very few products can rival the health benefits of eating yogurt.

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