Yoga Exercises To Keep Fit

Yoga Exercises To Keep Fit

Yoga helps to improve overall health and appearance. It helps to burn calories and brings flexibility in muscles. It is the best way to keep fit. If one practices yoga regularly, it results in a positive psyche on the mind.

The word ‘yoga’ is derived from the Sanskrit language meaning ‘union’. It is a system where both breathing exercises and meditation are practiced. It helps to relax the body.

Anyone irrespective of his or her age & sex can practice yoga. The various asanas influence the mind & body in different ways. Hence, it is worth practicing yoga when one has some health problem or is suffering from some sort of stress.

Yoga has various styles that can be called ‘hath yoga’. It contains yogasanas that include physical exercises, pranayama, breathing exercises and dhyana or meditation. People can choose asanas according to their preference that helps to improve flexibility, relaxation, & helps to build up stamina. Proper breathing & relaxing plays a very important role.

Other type of hath yoga is Iyengar which makes use of equipment like rollers, belts etc. For more physical effort one should choose ashtanga, which is power yoga. It is of a dynamic type that gives quick results but should be avoided by beginners.

Performing the different asanas in the proper way helps in the toning of muscles and stretching them. It firms up the body and improves stamina. It improves concentration, helps eliminate tension and reduces back pain.

Studies show that through yoga one can control diseases like depression, asthma, back pain, epilepsy, headache, heart diseases etc. It also helps in improving eyesight, height, balancing metabolism and helps to reduce weight. Regular practice of yoga enhances the energy level, relaxes ones mind and body and makes one feel younger.

Stress can be reduced to a great extent by the breathing exercises practiced in yoga. It helps improve concentration. To get rid of stress one can try Kundalini or Tantra.

One can start practicing yoga whenever and wherever according to their convenience. It is good if one takes the help of a yoga instructor. However if someone is not available, one can take the help of books, TV, or video. The benefits of Yoga are immense. One only needs to go ahead and start experiencing the same for themselves. .

It is important to note that yoga is not just a handful of physical exercises on meditation but it is thoroughly a new life style – a different way of living that includes change in the food habits as well. The diet should consist of whole grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts; beans etc. The non-vegetarian items and the processed foods like refined flour, pizza, burgers and colas should be avoided.

Practicing Yoga is will not only help in keeping our body healthy and fit but will also help in developing a healthy mind.



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