YES.. I get enough protein

Traveling for the holidays currently trying to keep routine.
Being strong isn’t a problem I have these days.
Neither is getting enough protein.

Now, you can’t just GET protein in the full effect you need for proper PROTEIN SYNTHESIS without SOME work.
What we are talking about are complete & lean proteins. Let me explain.....

A COMPLETE PROTEIN has the 9 full amino acid profiles contained in the food you’re eating. Example:

TOFU complete protein

Tempeh NOT a complete protein
The way to maneuver around this is to be informed on amino acids contained inside foods you are having. That way you can accommodate where needed.
It’s no different than adjusting your macros as needed to get certain amounts you need to fit your specific needs.
Today’s training:

➖ heavy 1rm back back squat
➖ Heavy 1rm Front squat
➖ Heavy 5Rm rack pulls (mid knee) @425lbs here
➖ Heavy 3RM 3 board bench press

Inc. bench 10wideX10regx10close
Pull-ups x 10
DB rows x 10 w/ pause 
3 sets

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