Workouts For Women

Workouts For Women

For women, maintaining a balance between a career and a family often takes a toll on their health and workouts take a back seat. However there are thousands of reasons as to why women should do workouts.

Workouts not only benefit women into shaping their bodies, but also help them to ease depression, avert colon cancer and enhance their immune systems. Many women find that workouts reduce the premenstrual stress, pains during periods, post-menopausal stress, back and labor pain. Also the women who do regular workouts, get back to their original figures must faster after delivery.

Why Workouts are must for every phase of a woman’s life


It’s generally believed that children do not need to exercise, as they can get this naturally by playing, but with the heavy usage of computers and TV, more children are turning into unhealthy adults. The fact is that childhood and adolescence are the right time to develop healthy habits including workouts.


Most of the women gain weight during midlife. This could be due to change in hormones, decrease in amount of lean muscle tissue resulting in slower metabolic rate. However research has shown that women, who are regular with their workouts in their midlives, are thinner and have better metabolic rates than their inactive friends.

Most of the common middle-aged chronic health diseases for women like high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, arthritis and osteoporosis can be reduced through regular workouts. The density of women’s bones starts declining especially after menopause. Jogging, brisk walking and other workouts provide definite defense against bone loss.

Senior Women

More and more physicians are prescribing workouts to elderly women to fight illness and diseases. Decrease in muscular strength, inflexibility and loss of stamina are the major problems of senior women. Research studies, which have shown that with regular workouts in older age, women can enjoy, better lives and reduce chronic diseases.

Why Wait

Once you've made your mind to begin workouts, just start. It is never too late to start. In the beginning, you can begin with a simple walk. The key to improved quality of life is to do workouts. The next step is to shed body fat and to strengthen your muscles by eating correct nutrition. Start by eating a balanced diet of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Aerobic Workouts

The best method to reduce weight and to burn calories is aerobic exercise. If you are trying to reduce your calories with no exercise, you may initially loose some weight, but it will take a toll on your health later. Learn aerobic exercise from a professional trainer. Doing aerobic exercises for about half an hour or so can work wonders for your body.

Abdominal Workouts

There are many abdominal workouts that can be done, but you need to find the ones that you like more. One of the excellent tools for your abdomen is an exercise ball. These balls work wonders on crunches, twists and other movements. There are also small machines to help you with abdominal exercises.

Core Training

It is important that you undertake core-training program to make your torso strong, balanced and stable. The core consist mainly of your abdomen, hips and lower back plus builds a strong base for almost all movements of the body. There are special core exercises that you can learn.

A combination of nutritious diet, aerobic workouts and core training, cardio, strength and flexibility training, walking, running, yoga, climbing stairs, kickboxing, cycling, and other workouts will go a long way to keep you healthier, happier and more productive.


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