Working Out When You’re Over 50

Working Out When You’re Over 50

Many people over 50 are able to work out and should continue to exercise to promote good health as they age. Maintaining a good exercise program should continue into your 50’s and 60’s and beyond, however, you should be more careful. If you’re just starting out with an exercise program be sure to follow these helpful hints.

First, get a thorough checkup. Explain to your physician that you intend to start or continue an exercise program and get their input. If you are on any medication make sure that increased exercise will not affect your dosage as it can with some prescriptions. Get the go-ahead from your doctor. If you have any special medical conditions your doctor can help suggest specific workout options for you.

Start slowly. If you haven’t worked out in awhile it is best to start with a less intense workout and progress as you gain strength and stamina. Even those who have exercised recently should be aware of exercises that will be less harmful to joints and bones. For example, walking may be a better alternative to running for people over 50. Find exercises that are less impacting. Water exercise is a good alternative to start with as the water provides a comfortable buffer for your muscles.

Don’t try to keep up with the younger people in the class. Even though you may be physically fit, you are best advised to go at your own pace, no matter what others in class are doing. You may want to join a class specifically designed for people over 50 years old. These classes take into consideration your capabilities and won’t put undue stress on your joints or be too extreme in any ways.

Set realistic goals and be sensible when it comes to your exercise regime. Remember that even though you feel young your body is aging and needs to be taken care of. If you add a reasonable exercise routine to your schedule you’ll feel better, be healthier and you’ll be helping your body fight against symptoms of aging.

Try exercises and routines that are designed specifically for those over 50. Many gyms and park districts offer these types of classes. There are also many videos available with workouts for those over 50. These can be easily done in the comfort of your own home and may help you ease into an exercise program. Home programs also help you to stop the routine when needed as well as to repeat the areas that you need more work on.


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