Words To Help Tough Times

I know some of you are having a rough day...

Maybe a rough week or even month that feels like it may have snowballed and the world is crumbling on you.

I’m here to tell you... I know how that feels. I’ve been there. I go there even. More than people would think.

It happens because you care. Because you want more. But sometimes the odds seem stacked against you.

I remember not eating for 3-4 days. Not telling anyone around me how I was struggling. Because I just wanted to work to chase my goals.

A handful of things kept me motivated and mainly the chance to do something amazing on my own terms.

At one point I wasn’t eating, had an EXTREMELY negative bank acct, had my truck repossessed, among a ton of other things.

But I just knew that TOMORROW was a new day... a chance to get it right and WORK toward the objective.

You aren’t defined by your circumstances. You’re defined by what you choose to do when faced with them.

Don’t stress today. Just live.

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