Who squatted this week?

Shoutout to @andrew_nichols88 and all the boys for the push. They invited me to QUADS DAY with them and I gladly obliged.

Many of you know me from the CROSSFIT and Olympic lifting world. Even though I’m proud of the 2reps at 225lbs, you are probably talking a ton of shit right now as you watch me doing two things:

1. Not going to full hip extension

2. Not going BELOW parallel

First off, I want you to open Up your mind, and be more understanding of training ideals and methodologies.

This is an aesthetic focused lift with actual purpose behind it.

It also comes after 5 sets is working up to a HEAVY LIFT.

Time Under Tension (TUT)
THIS IS OUR OBJECTIVE and nothing else.

Earlier you saw me emphasize “QUAD DAY”. Because we were training with a quadricep emphasis.
Due to this focus we aim to Lee the quadriceps under maximize tension (agin this is aesthetics) which means dropping below parallel, or full extension (which I use later because I’m tired as hell. AND it takes tension off my quadriceps) takes away from the goal.

Don’t go to a seminar and get brainwashed.

Get out of your method of training.

Surround yourselves with people with abase of knowledge other than your own. It doesn’t hurt if they are like these guys who pushed me when I was ready to quit.

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