When I finally started squatting 405 (on a daily basis )

When I finally started squatting 405 (on a daily basis ) which was a goal for me for so long.

We all have goals. And some of them take YEARRRS to attain that we lose focus of them. We quit on them. It’s sad because sticking to the process and trusting the growth can take you so far.

Even when I played pro I wasn’t near as strong as I am now. Learning the mobility, and focused movements based on my weaknesses yielded amazing results. But that took time.

A lot of times we will diminish our progress also, or downplay our goals, because it’s “not that much” or some crap reason like that. Listen, if you have a goal then forget everyone else. Just focus on the LONG GAME and get it done. Over time... w/ hard work.

At the end of the day it’s discipline. Time under tension, loading a barbell and just moving !

Shoutout to everyone just getting routine, day by day

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