Want to add big weight into your squat or deadlift?

THE RDL- is one of my favorite lifts for posterior chain development. I’ve seen massive gains into my big lifts with this one in the routine.(I prefer free weights but had to make due here. I feel the smother machine makes it tougher since the range of motion isn’t as natural )

I like to mix it up; DB, BB, banded barbell, Single leg DB/ BB are a few variations. ITS MOST IMPORTANT TO ONLY go as heavy as you can maintain positions and control the weight. I care about the tension on the muscle. Not the weight in the bar. That comes only after being able to get into positions, then maintain those positions while increasing speed through the lift.

I start light and with a SLOOOOOW controlled tempo. Gradually increasing load till I can go HEAVY. My goal is developing supporting musculature to enhance my big lifts.

The big lifts will only be as strong as the assistance lifts, and increased connective tissue strength. (We will talk about that topic another time.)

Try this one in your routine and tag me:
3 sets
8-12 reps
Controlled tempo
Increase weight gradually each week

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