Tuesday Tip: Back development

Tuesday Tip: Back development

Many people either have the goals to do pull-ups , perform more pull-ups or want to build a bigger , better back. First off:
If you want to lift heavier or be better in gymnastics a fully developed back will be key.

After all, you can’t have a 300lb squat with 125lb capacity...

First let’s y’all about getting pull-ups as a skill:

First you’ll need to understand that though you will be executing a VERTICAL PULL you must attack weaknesses. That means developing the following in an equal capacity:

1. Vertical pulls 
2. Vertical pushes 
3. Horizontal pulls 
4. Horizontal pushes

As well as implement variations in EACH of the aforementioned in the following: 
1. Unilateral
2. solateral 
3. Supinated grip
4. Pronated grip
5. Other grip variations (I.e. cliff hangers)

Second let’s talk execution of Training philosophy:
Mine is simple , you need time under tension. All the fancy shit doesn’t mean anything if you can’t do 20 strict pushups. (Of any scales) Or move in good patterns. You’ll need to INVEST TIME in your growth.


Aim for set of 5-8 reps over 3-5 sets , 2-3 days a week. Invest in the time under tension and watch your growth.

They really don’t matter. Banded, assisted, whatever , as long as you are moving solid and progressing gradually to a new progression.

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