Take On Challenges

Something I’ve NEVER been afraid of is a challenge. I think....it defines you. I think it pushes yours limits and builds character. Once you see a barrier. Push through and do some real damage in something you didn’t know you could I promise you it will emboli a true change in you!!

1. Find our what you’re made of
Oh yea.... it’ll happen. Deep down there is a inside you. Waiting to be unleashed. Most times you just don’t know it because you surprise it. You don’t allow the animal to show up

2. Accept the challenge
It’s half the battle of you ask me. Speaking out loud that you are ready to take a challenge head on.... MASSIVE statement. (Positive self talk)

Getting uncomfortable

PEOPLE DON'T DO ENOUGH OF THIS. And let me tell you they damn well should‼‼ It will help you adapt to situation. Being ready to take on the unknown. Adversity.... TOUGH TIMES.

You never see tough times coming. But they damn sure hit you hard......

This boxing camp for me is a way to do allllll those things. Either way coming out on the other end with some knowledge. And anew outlook. (Hopefully abs )

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