Push Weight, Look Great

This one goes out to the ladies

Lifting weights will not make you “bulky”. I repeat…. LIFTING WEIGHTS WILL NOT MAKE YOU BULKY.

The crap foods and quantities at which you consume them however will 100% make you look like a bulky sack of lol. (if you enjoy the sack shape please disregard this post). The fact that this misconception still is around is mind blowing to me.

I know so many amazing women that STRONG and look nothing but feminine. Not only do they lift EXTREMELY HEAVY but they have the bodies most women want to build, and also are INSPIRING WOMEN that come in contact with them. Their formula is simple:
1Follow a strength program
2Have a healthy eating system/ or coach 
3Track Nutrition (if needed)
4work daily to have a good relationship with their food

That may be the most important of anything in this post!!! .
Having a good relationship with the food you put in your 🍰hole is going to do more for you than anything. You need to have a health eating regimen. A healthy understanding that…

hey, “It’s ok if i have a bad day, week or even month”.

Its not the end of the world and the more you learn about yourself, the more you find ways to continue to do the healthy things you need in order to be successful. Its about you. And its about learning. Forget about comparing yourselves ladies. Nothing is more important than being better today than yesterday. Better than last week this week. And better next year from this year.

If you do those things you will be on your way to a better, healthier, stronger, NON SACK OF -ish body and onto your goals.

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