Preparing For Success

We all know a successful week is a much higher probability when you have prepared for success.

The old quote,” Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.”

what if you don’t KNOW where to even start with preparation?
How can you even get started???

Best thing you can do is what you’re doing now... Take time to LEARN.
I put together a few of my favorite pages with some great resources to help you guys out.

Take a look at them and I’m sure you will find some great ideas, or just learn a Few things to help you out.

Why do I recommend them:
Well simply put... I TRUST THEM.
All these pages have done plenty of experimentation, which means they’ve already FAILED FOR YOU.
Things they share or create are finished products and you can take and make yours right now with zero thinking.

How can you use them:

1. make a few notes after scanning the pages of some of your favorite posts / recipes.
2. follow the pages for future suggestions
3. plan out to go shopping for 1-3 of your faves
5set aside time to meal prep!!!
4. Purchase their resources, books, or programs to learn even more as well as supporting their business. So they may continue to create awesome content


Last words: don’t stress this week... just do what you can and make notes on how you can improve week.

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