Pre-Monday Mood

Lemme explain

I get EXCITED for Monday’s !!! Sunday nights I’m just itching to crush the week. It’s not because I can’t stop working

I’m always “working” because I love what I do. Every damn day.

It’s just a fresh start .... a new day that kicks off a new week and that means I can grow. From the feedback given to me from my team, from my clients and customers at my gym. Business partners. Relationships of all sorts.

I never claimed to have it all together.

Only claimed to have the drive to want to.

I f*ck up A LOT. But that’s ok. 
I can take the feedback
I can take the criticism
My focus is on improving
I don’t dwell on the past

I want a certain life and I surround myself with bad asses who want the same things.

The people on my team push me. If they don’t, we wouldn’t be a team. So I work to continue growing. And it’s a stressful, fun, irritating, amazing, nerve racking process that at the end of the week I need a damn break‼

Then..... I’m ready to get right back in the swing and just destroy it.

C’mon MONDAY. I been waiting on you

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