Posterior Chain Development

4️⃣ Benefits of the RDL


🔺Romanian Deadlifts increase mobility in your hips due to the straighter leg position.

🔺The RDL works your glutes and hamstrings more than a conventional Deadlift because the quads don't contribute as much.

🔺It improves dynamic flexibility, especially in your hamstrings and low back.


➡️(For those keeping score at home, while "mobility" refers to the range of motion at a specific joint, "flexibility: refers to a muscle's ability to lengthen, and "dynamic flexibility" refers to a muscle's ability to lengthen during athletic movements, such as a sprint.)


🔺Compared to the conventional Deadlift, the Romanian–also called "Stiff-Leg"–version focuses more on the hip hinge, which is an essential movement pattern all athletes must learn and master.

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