Plants = My Happy Place

I can’t really explain it to you to be honest.

It’s just something about plants, and the way they affect me. How I feel when I have then around me. And how my body feels when I have them in abundance.

I don’t expect everyone to truly understand it. If you think I’m crazy that’s ok!

But I’ve been brought som many types of eating. “Diets so to speak” and nothing has come close for me.

From hospitalized with pulmonary embolism, and told I can’t train or exercises (the one constant in my life since age 9) for 16 months ...

To being told “we have no way to explain how you recovered”

It just sent me on a path of exploration into how changing to a plant based diet, a way I was told could NEVER WORK. And here I am. Taking photos with my guy ( ) and talking about eggplant recipes .

What a journey. We all have them.

Whatever yours... embrace it. 

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