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I get into the conversations lot about why I chose this lifestyle. After all, my family is from the Caribbean Island of Jamaica. Where the fruits and veggies are abundant ... but so is the OX  Tail, and Salt fish & ackee.

I grew up eating a completely different way. I never was exposed to this lifestyle. And I was HUGE on the paleo when it was brought to me by @aaronweedo wayyyy before my days of being coached in the crossfit level 1 by @christmasabbott and the rest of the bad asses from @crossfitHQ.

I’d seen amazing performance on a paleo diet. I had fine tuned my body to perform at a high caliber. Running 22:40 5K’s at 235lb & 8% BF. I was a machine. Better athletically than when I was a professional player.

But as I would be hospitalized and take a turn for the worst unexpectedly I chose to invest my time into something else. And see what it might yield me. And I was blown away.

These days I don’t meat but I feel amazing.
I don’t kill animals... and that warms my heart.
I’m woke to what the effects are on my environment & I get to support local farmers.....That makes me happy!

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