My Guy

This is pry gonna rub some people wrong. But that’s ok.

First off IM JUST SHARING ....I’m not judging. I hope that maybe some of you will just hear my point of view and just take it as you will. Maybe it touches you. Maybe it won’t...

This guy is amazing. He’s so important to me. I knew I wanted a Belgian Malinois for years!!! I grew up with pure bred German shepherds over my 13 years growing up in Germany as an army brat. But learned the attributes of Malis though some research.

NEVER did I think I’d not eat meat for the animals. I mean I grew up like all of you guys did.

I don’t JUDGE ANYONE. PLEASE do as you will.

But along my journey of raising this pup I just didn’t understand how to quantify NOT eating him... while eating her animals.
They feel
They cry
They have excitement
They have emotions.
If Caesar was born in another country... legally they could eat him.....

In America you can kick a dog or cat. They will strip you of your life and throw you in jail for certain actions.

But in Asia.... it’s all bets off.

In Ireland you can order a horse steak 🥩 guys‼️

I think I just chose to be in the middle. And despite being atop the food chain...I just don’t feel right anymore.

I was told I’d lose muscle mass.
I was told I couldn’t perform.
I was told it’s normal so why question it?????

Civil rights
Women’s rights

People said to not question it cuz it’s “how it was.”

What if we never had

Idk..... what do some of y’all think???

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