Mason Jars Are Cheap And Safe To Reuse

A great way to stay ahead of the game is to plan for success. Mason jars are cheap and safe to reuse. No worry of leaking plastics into your food. (Do some research on this) Not to mention they look really cool stocked up with leafy greens 🌱🥦& veggies 🌽 🥕🍍


The best way I’ve found is to stick to what you like, and build from there. Here are a few tips:

1️⃣ Stick-to the foods you like

2️⃣ Choose 1 food you’d like to try

3️⃣ Find a market and stock up

4️⃣ Find a dress-sing to top off

5️⃣ create 1-2 / day and enjoy❗️😎


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🔹live events

🔹training & nutrition tips

🔹 Detailed plans to help you crush the transition to plant based living & training.

Made help you:

💥Increase energy

💥Recovery Time & Muscle sourness


💥Work toward a healthier lifestyle

💥And Optimize Performance for all your fitness and wellness goals.

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