Let’s talk pressing: DB Z-PRESS

So you wanna develop your pressing overhead, properly. Let’s first make sure it’s understand the prerequisites for doing so:

RANGE OF MOTION (ROM) You can’t work the moments if you can’t properly go through the range of motion required. Whilst doing so without pain.

STABILITY Being able to the range of motion , and stabilize the load you are moving. (Load management is essential. If you can’t move it properly, DE- LOAD !

CORE Again let’s keep it simple... you. Most have the core to extremity development to protect the spine and power the system properly (so to speak).

EXECUTION This is MUCH tougher than you think. In that you must stabilize your diaphragm, and torso different. You’re legs are COMPLETELY removed from the equation.


1. Keep your midline tight 
2. Drive heels through the ground and keep legs extended
3. Keep shoulders down and back through the lift (common mistake to work through trapezius, losing scrap & shoulder development)
4. Controlled tempo in press
5. Controlled on negative
6. Work through as large a range of motion as you can.
you’ll see here im not lifting much. But get a great workout. With a controlled tempo, and focus on my core firing.

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