Let’s talk about training arms

Training Arms

One of the most fun body parts for us to train is pry the arms.generally people tend to focus on it.


Well it’s Simone really. They stick out because its is dominant on the anterior (front) of your body so , as well as in cloning and such. Just sticks out and well people see it more. You see it more. And since you can see it you train it a bit more. It’s where you can tend to see on a continual basis growth of muscle or fat loss.

It also tends to be trained in a manner not conducive to maximizing growth and you can tend to spend a TON of time just doing the lifts and getting minimal ROI.

Reason being, most people rush through the moments. They shorten range of motion, and use loads WAYYY too heavy.

Increasing range of motion and TUT (time under tension) can get you an incredible return on your efforts. You don’t actually NEED to lift heavier either.

By simply increasing TUT you eliminate the need to have a heavier load. P=FxD➗T, which means the increased range of motion coupled with the increases in time it takes to perform the two result in exactly what you are looking for. Muscle stimulation.

Now we can go in depth on his a little more next time lol. As there are a ton more things to take into consideration in a program. But I think you get the point.

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