Killing Procrastination

It's easy to do, and detrimental to any forward progress. Finding a way to eliminate it feels great, and takes you places you'd never imagined because you actually get sh*t done!!!

One aspect we do this in is OUR HEALTH

HOW MANY OF US KNOW WE INTAKE TOO MUCH SUGAR? Yet we continue to do it... (Posted above is one of my favorite books on this subject). Even though we know, our health would be in a better place, our fitness and boy goals would would progress.

Why do we continue to do this?

It's not like we are guessing and don't know what we should be doing...

Yea, there may be some knowledge we need to gain but its not like we are limited on resources.most things on the web are free... and if you have a smart phone you have all the power you need to find ANYTHING.

I'll tell you why

Procrastination is just's the road with no stress.

Doing something would require actual effort

I'm doing an online course right now and one of the modules gives some great gems on this.

Here are 4 ways to stop procrastination:

1. Stop lying to yourself: What excuses have you been giving yourself?

2. Replace all bad habits with good ones: You can’t just cut out a bad habit without putting something else in its place.

3. Plant a seed: Instead of setting unreasonable goals, create a realistic habit that will help you reach your goal.

4. Don’t break the chain: Track your progress and give yourself additional motivation to stick with a seed behavior. Whenever you succeed with your new behavior, mark it down somewhere.

I hope this helps you guys today!

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