Want to Crush your 2018 fitness goals ?

One of the best things you can do is stop worrying about how fast you can get results and focus on creating a consistent regimen. MOVING is the focus.
The less you move... the faster you will develop issues with general movement patterns. We aren’t talking the high level ones either.

We are talking about basics squatting , pulling ,and pressing ( think about this as getting out of your car, picking up heavy groceries or putting something on a high shelf) .

Want to lose weight ? MOVE.
Want to get strong? MOVE.
Want to stop feeling so sluggish? MOVE.

Who cares what you do? Jogging, lifting, sprinting, powerlifting or Crossfit. Just move and create a routine. That’s how you start.

once you do that everything else can start to fall into place. You can find the right eating style and set so, the best training program, etc. if you haven’t already JUST MOVE! You’ll be glad you did.

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