It’s All The Journey

235lbs and around 7.5% BF HERE, eating 350g FAT/day... yea... for real. (2013 about a month before being hospitalized with pulmonary embolism)

When I talk about performance, nutrition, commitment to the process... i’m not talking from textbooks. I’m talking from experience.

I dug in full tilt around 2008 into nutrition as a whole. Deciding what I’d been taught as a young man and professional athlete even just were not optimal for me.

So I dug into it all....


You name it experimented with it.

What I learned was that results come in all kinds of way. For all kinds of reasons. And that everyone has to find their way but only from experimenting.

After my journey of health issues I lost my drive to “Train” so to speak for a long time. It was hard AF!

Not being able to exercise AT ALL for 16 months.

When I did return I just enjoyed things hat made me happy. I chose to “Sweat” instead of “train” I just to lift heavy... play sports and take solid in the fact that feeling better and being a live.... we’re pretty cool things to enjoy.

I know some of you struggle with weight loss. And you have setbacks.

THATS OK!!!! We all do.

As I’m on my own journey to “take back my body”, I just want you to know that you aren’t alone in your struggles.
You aren’t alone in your setbacks.
You aren’t alone in your embarrassment
Others see you and still admire your efforts
In time you’ll find your process ‼

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