Improve your squat and mobility

Improve Squat and Mobility

The squat was the topic of my last post. Let’s talk about how to improve range of motion and general stability in positions.

First things First:

In Order to be strong in positions you first need to be able to get into positions. Which means dealing with a little discomfort. If sitting in a deep squat for 1-2 mins is a tough task for you this is something you def want to continue to read.

Hips, IT bands, and Ankles:

You may thinks it’s your knees affecting your mobility but chances are that’s more of a stability and connective tissue issue. Working the mobility and soft tissue of these three areas will drastically improve your squat.

Start investing by putting time in:

Set a goal for :30 - 1 min at a time every hour. You’ll most likely not enjoy it or feel comfortable at all but I’ll pay off. Just stick with it.

Your body will adjust:

The more time you spend doing anything the more your bones and muscles will adjust. What I mean is our bones won’t ACTUALLY CHANGE, but they will take notice of the way you are moving, and as your muscles relax and stop trying to fight the range of motion you are forcing into (and don’t normally use) and let you settle.

In the above photo you’ll see I added in a torso twist from the squat with an upward reach. This is great for helping open up the trunk and and spine in general. Small movements like this in your squat will open your eyes to how much you may lack certain ROM and where you may be weaker or tighter on one side of your body (imbalances: most of us have some type to some degree)

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