How Water Consumption Will Affect Your Workouts?

How Water Consumption Will Affect Your Workouts?

Not many people are aware that water is the most essential thing for successful accomplishment of a weight-loss program, for muscle building, or even maintaining your weight. Do you understand why water is so essential? Let me explain.

A large percentage of your body is made up of water. It carries out many important functions of our body, necessary for our survival. It also helps in digestion of food. If you don't consume adequate amount of water, you can’t derive the benefits from the nutrients of your food. It helps in excreting waste from your body. Lack of consumption of adequate amount of water can result in constipation and your kidneys have to work harder. The body does not get rid of toxins and your health will decline

Water in body also controls body temperature. Lack of consumption of adequate amount of water affects the evaporation process which helps you to keep the correct temperature of your body. It is especially important for an adequate amount of water to be consumed on hot days.

Water for workout

Water suppresses hunger, in a natural way. Don’t misread the statement. Deficiency of water can result in eating more. The brain treats hunger and thirst same. It could be that when you feel hungry, your body may be indicating that it needs water. If your water intake is inadequate per day and you feel hungry, it is very much likely that your body is demanding water. In many cases, your hunger gets satisfied when you drink some water. Test it! You won’t lose anything, other than weight.

To achieve success with your workouts, it is essential to drink lot of water, after and sometimes during workouts. The longer your workouts, the more your body needs water because during workouts, the water in your body gets exhausted through sweat. Workouts result in loss of body water and you feel dehydrated. Lactic acid is built up when you burn calories and water will flush it out. A build up of lactic acid can result in sore muscles. It is important to understand the important role water plays in your regular workouts.You can perform better in your workouts if you body is properly hydrated. Water is an essential nutrient for your body when you exercise.

Sweat helps keep your body temperature cool. During exercise, your body gets heated up nearly 8-10 times more than when it is at rest. Drinking a lot of water during workouts not only helps your body to retain its cool, but your cells are able to absorb vitamins, minerals and the most important fuel for muscles i.e. glucose, which helps you to do your workouts. You need to keep drinking water to replace the liquids you are exhausting.

Water plays a vital role in the functioning of a body. The liquid in the blood carries glucose to the muscles and takes away metabolic waste products, water in the urine removes metabolic waste products, and liquid in sweat disperses heat when it evaporates. This is another reason to drink plenty of water after rigorous workouts.


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