How To Choose A Personal Fitness Trainer

How To Choose A Personal Fitness Trainer

Do you like the feeling you have after a great workout but have trouble motivating yourself to keep up the routine? Does something else always come in the way of you and your workout? If so, you may be a perfect candidate to get a personal trainer. A personal fitness trainer can help keep you motivated and will establish an exercise routine that is custom tailored to your specific goals.

There are many ways to find a personal trainer. Your local gym or fitness center usually keeps a list of personal trainers. Many of them also may work there as class instructors. Ask friends or co-workers to recommend a personal trainer they have worked with. You can also find ads from personal trainers in the newspaper and in local specialty magazines.

Don’t settle for the first name you get. Working with a personal trainer is a very individual experience and you need to find a personal trainer that will work well with you. You should conduct an interview of the trainers, either over the phone or in person. Find out how long the person has been a personal trainer and what their background, experience and training are for the position. Reputable personal trainers should readily give you references.

Observe the personal trainer in action. Ask to see if you can watch them while they conduct another session. Some trainers may even offer to give you a free trial session so you can see if you like their style. If they teach a class you may want to watch them or join in during a class session to see if you enjoy it. Because personality is a big factor in finding a trainer, think about how you will interact with the trainer when choosing one. Ideally you want to find a trainer that is friendly while being knowledgeable.

Remember that you aren’t looking for a friend, but for someone to motivate you and guide you with your exercise regime. The trainer should plan to spend some time getting to know you and to develop an exercise plan that you are comfortable with. Be honest when answering questions from the trainer, as this is how they will develop your personal training plan. Open communication is important to keep ongoing sessions productive so be sure to choose someone with whom you can communicate well. You’ll get a customized workout with the motivation you need to keep your exercise regime going.


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