How often do you train pull-ups?

Pull Ups Training

Comment any pull-up questions!

I like to have Jen in my program twice a week minimum. For around a total weekly of 150-200 reps.

I do a ton of grip changes, actually I change my grip every time I steer a new set. Going from probated to supinate and back.

Main reason: attacking weaknesses. I’ll find that out wide I struggle more while I’m close with a primates grip (palms down) I find this harder also.

It’s really easy to get stuck in one mode of training. Keeping equal amounts of presses to pulls is important.

Example: performing 5x10 of barbell or DB presses. 
It’s a great practice to equal out the vertical press to the same amount of vertical pulls (pull-up or assisted pull-up).

If you struggle with the full body weight movement just start with scales using bands or machines. 
Just don’t use them as a crutch and continue working your way up.

I like taking away your assistance ever 2-4 weeks. Or only when you’re MASTERED your current progression even into heavy reps, or under fatigue.

Hope this one helps you guys!

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