How Often Are You Still?

Meditation is something has really impacted me though I never quite thought it would. 

That's not true. 

I always heard I needed to be doing it, and heard amazing stories about the results people very close to me found themselves. For me it was about not being educated on how to start the process and being practicing. 

Over the past two years i've dug into this topic a ton. In both my own studies as well as conversations with some really inspiring professionals and motivation individual all around.

*Off Topic: I have some dope podcast shows coming soon!!*

What is being still?
Well its the ability to stop what you have going on in your life and prioritizing time to spend on yourself.... with nobody else... most times in silence or meditation (guided or unguided). And its not something most people can do.

Digging In:
Your life is hectic as hell. You are consistnetly investing energy, time, and efforts day in day out, year in year out even on everything and everyone around you. But taking time focus on yourself is widely overlooked as the best investment in time you could possibly make.

What i've found: 
Better sleep
Less overall stress
Happier in general
Stopped stressing the little things
Focused on what I COULD control
Learned what things made me happy

If you have never spent 10,15,20 mins just focusing on you I highly suggest it! I like to use the app @headspace but their are a ton out there

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