Get Strong

#tbt 375 for a Long pause


My newest programs are built toward getting you lean muscle mass, increased lower body strength and overall lean mass while attacking fat mass to drop your total body fat % .


It’s not about JUST diet. You need to have a real plan in actions. And to get strong and leave scrawny behind you’ll need to not waste time.


My ⭕️“Men’s Muscle Gain” and ⭕️“Women’s Power Lean “ programs have SERIOUS lifting. We focus on the BIG lifts :



Squat variations


We mix these with assistance to target both optimized muscle development and injury Prevention.


What’s included ?

Nutrition plan

Training plan (5x/week)

Daily accountability check ins

Coaching calls


If you’re trying to get strong 💪🏽 let me show you how


💢DM me or COMMENT for details on qualifying for the program 💢

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