Fun Ways to Do Aerobics

Fun Ways to Do Aerobics

Aerobic exercise uses exercise to increase the heart rate for an extended period of time. It has been around for a while and the routines can sometimes become a little boring. To keep aerobics exciting here are some fun ways to do aerobics that will keep you exercising. Try varying your aerobics by adding some of these routines into your workout schedule.

Treadmills - A treadmill is an excellent way to walk or run. The treadmill provides a workout that can be done indoors in any weather and allows you to progress at your own pace. Treadmills are popular and are available at all gyms and fitness clubs. Many are now made for home use so you can fit your routine into your daily schedule. Some include a heart rate monitor to help you reach and maintain your peak performance.

Steps – Steps are useful tools to incorporate into a workout. It makes the workout a little less tedious because you are actually stepping up and down at times, adding some fun to the routine. They are available at most aerobic and fitness centers and are also sold for home use. You can get them in one or two-step sizes to suit your needs. If you have stairs in your house these can also work for this exercise/

Pole – The pole is a relatively new tool for workouts. A pole is used to help make certain moves. It can be added to a regular aerobic workout to make it more interesting and challenging.

Hip-Hop Dance – Hip-Hop is a great way to aerobically move to the music. The rhythm of most hip-hop music is easily adapted to aerobic movements and together the routine can be a phenomenal way to have a fun aerobic exercise.

Water Aerobics – Water aerobics are a fun way to break up the monotony of a regular aerobic routine. Water exercise is much easier on the joints and movements are slower and more regulated, making the exercise more fluid. This is great if you are new to aerobic exercise regime or have physical limitations. It’s also a great way to exercise outside in the pool or when you are on vacation. You’ll get some sun while you exercise!

Jump Rope – Jumping rope is great aerobic exercise. It can be easily done at home using an inexpensive jump rope. You can create your own routine to music to make it an uplifting experience. This is a good exercise to do as you can set your own pace. Start off gently and work up to your desired speed and time frame.

Bicycling / Spinning – Done outdoors, bicycling is a wonderful way to incorporate the outdoors into an aerobic routine. You can ride as far as you want to, starting slowly and working your way up as your strength and stamina increase. Spinning is done inside and is an entertaining way to combine cycling in a class setting.

Tae Bo / Kickboxing - For something different try a tae bo or kickboxing class. This aerobic activity is a fun alternative to the usual aerobic classes. There are plenty of videos available as well so you can practice your tae bo routine at home as well as at the gym.

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