Do More Of The Things That Make you Happy

Things to make you happy

Lets talk exercise and keeping the course vs doing what you THINK you have to do:

ALL to often I see people focusing on doing what they THINK hey have to do and it enough of what makes them happy, in order to reach their fitness goals.

Listen, you’ve got to have a mix between doing things you don’t enjoy 100% of the time and things that make you smile.

For me it’s basketball... adding it back into my routine has been great for me. It’s reminded me how much I love sports in general and motivated me to get into Khmer sports I don’t exactly specialize in. With the lure goal of learning and just getting back to MOVING.

Ok, exercise isn’t easy... nor should it be. It you aren’t being challenged you most likely won’t get the results you want. We all know you gotta get uncomfortable.
You can’t truly get the maximized results you want out of your body wining that.

Just don’t forget to find things you enjoy as well. Infuse them into your regimen, and make sure everyday is maximized and enjoyable.

A lot of people have been asking me about keeping routine. Well... that’s how you do it.

Ok when you see six pack abs and your BOdy leaning out it’s a lot easier to punish yourself daily with the training lol. But even then you need balance.

But before those results start to show, before your seeing your hard work payoff it can be a struggle. I know. I been there. So using some of the stuff we talked about above in this post will help you drastically.

One day at a time.
One week at a time.
One month at a time.
One year at a time.

Next thing you’s a full out lifestyle change.

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