Differences Between Work Out For Men And Women

Differences Between Work Out For Men And Women

By and large, there are not many differences in the work out plan between men and women. The same type of physical activities like walking, running, swimming, and yoga are suggested for both sexes. However because of their biological differences, the bodies of men and women respond differently on several aspects. Therefore due care should be taken to plan your workouts keeping in mind these biological differences.

Differences Between Work Outs For Men And Women

One of the main differences is the pattern of gaining weight between men and women. Men normally gain weight around abdomen and waist. While women gain weight in upper body and lower body {hips etc.}

Mentality of men and women towards exercise is also different. Women exercise to look attractive and beautiful and hence they concentrate on exercises for buttocks and legs. Men on the other hand might take up work out plans aiming to develop that “Hard Body” look.

Traditionally men like athletic activities such as working in a gym, sports, or running. Women may prefer dancing and aerobics as a better form of exercise. Women generally devote most of their time to their personal and family responsibilities and give less importance to the workout plans, so they require more motivation is this aspect.

As far as physical differences are concerned women’s bodies are more flexible than that of men. Men normally have more upper body strength while women have lower body strength. Men have overall more strength than women because of their greater body size increased muscle mass.

Because the muscle mass is more in men whereas women have more body fat there would be a difference in work out routines. Therefore female work out plans should concentrate more on toning and achieving flexibility rather than muscle building. But more care should be taken while going for weight lifting exercises because women have more risk of getting injured in these exercises.

Work out for women

Women tend to concentrate more on different parts of their body in order to achieve more flexibility and make themselves more attractive. For this they may try something new like yoga or Pilates, while men normally concentrate on achieving greater strength and muscle building.

Studies show that the performance of women in doing isometric exercises is far better than that of men and the endurance of women is almost twice than that of men in performing the same exercise. The weaker subjects have more endurance times and therefore women usually being weaker than men may have more endurance in performing the same exercise. However as per studies, the difference in type of muscles and difference in hormones such as estrogen are also the possible reasons for more endurance in women.

Women tend to have more risk of injuries at ankles, knees, hips, and shoulders if proper training is not provided. This is because of lack of muscle mass and base line strength, less exposure to sport activities, and type of foot wear they generally use. Working on equipment's not specifically designed for women also be a contributing factor.

A trainer should keep in mind the above aspects while training women for work out plans. It is only the degree of the above-mentioned differences that matters, otherwise the same type of exercises or yoga activities are beneficial for both men and women.

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