circa 2013 PLEASE READ

circa 2013 PLEASE READ

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So the reason I love talking but Nutrition so much is simple, I LOVE THIS SHIT. Not being an expert or know it all. Just someone who succeeded, failed and learned.

This is me in 2013 at age 30 (photo cred @mr_garrenteed ) after some Hill sprints. At this time in my life I: Trained 3 hours a day (2 a days a lot)

Ate 225g Protein / day

Ate 225g Carbs / day

Ate 350g Fat / day (NOT a typo. Don’t let the industry fool you)

I did practically NO AB EXERCISES

And overall felt amazing. I was about 8% BF here I think (experts chime in please lol)

The reason I speak so much on the lifestyle, the process and the science is I’ve been here.

1 month after this or so I’d be hospitalized and unable to train for 16 months.

It led me on the journey I’m On now. TO LEARN something new. To find new ways and educate myself from a different perspective.

I took that setback, lessons , and information and began gathering new information. Testing new hypothesis’s to see what happened.

Ive been in search to get back to those aesthetics. Im not there yet ... it gets hard...
It’s hard to know what you used to look like but not see it daily.
I understand you guys.
I really do.

Good thing is I’ve learned!!!
I’ve taken the lessons.
Stayed healthy.
And worked toward my routine.
Im fulfilled but not complacent.

Anyone out there working to get the body, job, result in anything they are in search of I’ll say this:

ENJOY THE PROCESS and take the lessons as they come. Learn and don’t let it hold you back. It’s your responsibility to find ways to get what you’re after. And not let obstacles hold you back.

Also shoutout to my THen nutrition coach @aprilklowe ‼ a true girl boss and BAD ASS to the core!

I remember telling her one night:

Me- “it’s 4pm@and I’m out of macros”

Miss you @aprilklowe ‼

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