Big Weights For Big Glutes

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Again with the RDL ( I KNOW lol), here a DB version. A great posterior chain movement and one of my favorite lifts for developing power.

Here you will see a few things:

1. Controlled Decent I’m lowering the weights controlled to increase time under tension, and get a a deep stretch of the muscle.

2. Explosive on the way up only as fast as I can maintain positions, but I like being explosive. Sometimes I’ll be controlled for entire movements. Other times I’ll add in an explosive aspect for a different stimulus.

3. Not extending fully  a lot of you will see this and think it’s not equates to “cheating” or not performing the movement fully.

I train functional movements constantly. But movements like this are focused on targeting a muscle group. To do hat you need to maximize the tension on muscle fibers.

So I stand up as much as I can and still keep tension.

4Form over everything my goal here is to go as heavy as I can (gettin close to failure inside of my desired rep range) but never do so at the sacrifice of form which could lead to injury.

5knees ONLY slightly bent a major fault I see in athletes doing this. The focus is the hamstrings. If you bend the knees too much your quadriceps come into play and less tension on the posterior. You are working, but you lose that max tension on the muscle. Remember that is the focus here. Try it and you will feel a completely diff lift !!!!

I’d def say if you want to get a bigger deadlift, stronger hamstrings/ back/ glutes, give one a try.

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