Amazing Vegan "Philly Cheese Steak"

I love finding new foods to explore and enjoy. Not only for the treat (i mean ... i love food lol) but also because I get new ideas of whats possible and how to put a spin on foods that I enjoy.

Sometimes I can get a little bored with my recipes so I love getting inspired.

Now... this leads me to another topic... TREATING YOURSELF.

Since many of my clients in my programs struggle with nutrition... not making the right choices, or just now knowing what to eat. It holds us back and can end up being a real issue.

A weekend of enjoyment for them can lead to a week... a month... Next thing you know you don't even know where you are at with regards to your health and or nutrition.

Here are a couple tips I give my clients on how to approach this:

1️⃣ - Plan a place each week you will go out to and use as a "treat meal"

Now this isn't about going HAM! It's about strategic planning to treat yourself with for example (pizza and A BEER ... not a 6 pack!) at your favorite spot. This leads you to feeling good about the work you put in, and the fact you earned a treat. EARNED .... thats a big word here

2️⃣ - Before you go out for a day or night on the town make sure you are fuele! Have lots of greens (the micronutrients will help you a ton with cravings) and pack water or some other non calorie beverage to keep you hydrated.

3️⃣- STOP STRESSING‼️ It's not the end of the world!

💯 Hey I hope this helps you guys out😉


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