3 Reasons To Squat

Tuesday Training Tip:  3Reasons To Squat

Squatting has over the years become one of my favorite lifts. Traditionally it was one I hated! Being a basketball player and having to jump non stop, and the higher the better, you’d think the opposite.

The problem was I never knew how to actually squat. Couple that with the pain I had from imbalances in my core and lower body it was a nightmare. I’d continue to excel at my sport but not truly embrace squatting under real coaching for some time.

If you’re looking to avoid the problems I had and get the most out of one of the best lifts on the planet pound for pound you’ll like these reasons / tips below:

1: It’s a full body lift
Many think it’s just for your legs and execute the lift Improperly due to such thinking. Many times you will see someone with relaxed hands on the bar, open palms.

Though you can still perform the lift this way you lose the ability to activate your upper back and shoulders for maximum muscle recruitment.
Simply put you are leaving power output behind, and not getting out what you could.

The squat will literally use every muscle in your body when performed correctly. So don’t skip squats for the leg press machine on leg day.

2: It will work your core BIG TIME
Stabilizing a bar on your back is not an easy task. Neither is firing your midline appropriately while doing so. The proper breathing techniques combining holding your breathe while expanding your midline for support of your spine, then exhaling on time, create an an workout all in its own.

Don’t believe it?

Try standing with a barbell and lowering to a squat, slowly, while squeezing your midline as hard as you can. Tell me that’s not a ton of any work.

Give it a try.

3: You’ll Live Longer
Studies showed some interesting facts when comparing max effort presses with the legs for 1 rep...

Studies showed there may be a correlation between how long you live and how much a Press for 1 rep.

Affecting or helping the heart and its ability to push blood to extremities as well as lower resting heart rates. Studies were done at various ages. Look it up. Good stuff.

Basically if you want to live longer... DON'T SKIP LEG DAY. 

-Thanks for reading this. Please post to comments any questions.

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