15 Minute Fat Burning Workout

15 Minute Fat Burning Workout

I love simplicity. I find in this industry people get really caught up with the “fancy stuff” and lose sight of the goal. 🥅

What’s the goal ❓

Accomplish the most you possibly can in the shortest time possible e possible to invoke the largest responses. The organism you can. 💪🏽

In this case we are raining FAT BURNING!

In the clips I’m waiting on a client running a 5k. In the time she was gone I banged out a quick workout. It doesn’t take much trust me. BUT YOU HAVE TO START SOMEWHERE

Here is a 15 minute workout using the suspension trainer:

1- rear delt row

2- single leg lunge

3- Tricep extension

4- Reverse fly

5- :10 sprint OR 200 m jog

6- Rest till recovered


Performed each movement for 1 min

Goal is to get as many QUALITY reps as possible in the time domain

rest :20 between movements

Once you finish the circuit rest till recovered

- - -

Perform 1 set as a finisher

Perform 3 -4 sets for a full workout

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