Marcus has been working with my son on proper eating for one week and his body has responded unbelievably to his coaching. My son has been working out all summer with his high school football team and just unable to gain weight and build muscle. After just one week, my son is up a solid 15 pounds. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the results. Marcus knows what he’s doing & he knows how to train athletes. 

Phoebe Menzer

This dude is the real deal. Genuine guy who just wants to help others and make a impact in this world. He changed my life by introducing me to a plant based diet. He never pressures anyone to make the change but introduces it so people can become educated on the subject. I’m full vegan now and Truly feel unbelievable. My body is just more in tune. Thanks a lot Marcus. If you need anything just reach out to this dood and he will 100% help you out

Kyle Collins

Marcus is an inspiration to anyone who thinks that they can't change something about themselves. His knowledge and experience helps him to be an amazing trainer, meal planner, workout expert and I've seen not only physical improvements but also mental improving within a very short time frame.

If you guys need someone to help you get to a certain goal or help achieving something you have been struggling with, look no further Marcus can help get you to and blast the roof of what you thought was or is impossible!!!

Jeremy Graves

Marcus is responsible caring personal trainer that is always there when you need him. He gives great facts that are simple to understand and knows how to work with you in case you don’t.

Eddie Guevara

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